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Standard Machines
bulletMechanical Coiling Machines : CM
bulletMechanical Coiling Machines : CML
bulletCNC Coil Formers : CM-CNC
bulletCNC Coil Formers : CML-CNC
bulletMulti Coil Formers : MCF
bulletCoil Forming Machines : CF(TF)
bulletRing Making Machines : RM
bulletFlat Ring Making Machines : RMF
bulletTorsion Forming Machines : TFV
bulletForming Machines : FM
bulletOval Coil Formers : OCF
bulletMotor Spring Making Machines : MSC
bulletMotor Spring Making Machines : MSW

Special Ordered Machines
bulletZig-Zag Spring Former
bulletFlexible Tube(Plant Tube) Manufacturing Machine : FT-5
bulletSpiral Forming Machine
bulletChain Making Machine
bulletSaddle Spring Making Machine
bulletConcrete Separater Making Machine
bulletShutter Spring Making Machine
bulletLarge Dia. Spring Making Machine
bulletReinforcing Spiral Wire Making Machine
bulletSpecial Torsion Spring Making Machine

Tempering Ovens
bulletBatch Tempering Oven
bulletScrew Feed Tempering Oven
bulletCreep Tempering Oven

Grinding Machines
bulletInside Grinding(Chamfering) Machine
bulletOutside Grinding(Chamfering) Machine
bulletCompression Spring Seat Grinding Machine
bulletLong Spring Seat Grinding Machine
bulletIn-Process Seat Grinding Machine

Testing Machines
bulletCompression Setting Load Testing Machine
bulletFatigue And Load Tester
bulletUniversal Tester

Shot Peening Machines

bulletAutomatic Wire Stand
bulletPackaging Equipment
bulletWire Straightener

Complete Process Automated Forming Systems
bulletCS Master
bulletValve Spring Manufacturing Line
bulletRetractor Spring Forming Line
bulletTorsion Coil Forming Line
bulletBrassiere Ring Forming Line

Inspection Equipment
bulletFlare Inspection Unit
bulletAutomatic Free Length Inspection Unit
bulletAngular Inspection Unit
bulletRotating Eddy Current Inspection Machine
bulletOther Types of Testing Equipment


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Distributor of OKUNO spring, clip, ring and wire forming equipment for the Americas.

Okuno - one of the most respected names in the spring coiling and wire forming industry.

Distributor of OKUNO spring, clip, ring and wire forming equipment for the Americas. 

We represent Okuno Machine Company, LTD.  please note our name is spelled Maguire, not McGuire Machinery.  Thank you.  We represent Okuno Machine Company, LTD.

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